Story and Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration # 1212877

A hard-working family man who is happy just being a regular guy, falls into a state of depression and is forced to seek revenge and get even with the greedy bastards who have 
taken away his simple life. It’s not easy being an ordinary Joe.
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Drama/True Story
Story by William Neal Moore
Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi and Richard Remppel
WGA Registration # 1262653

A murderer who spends more than 16 years on death row and comes within hours of his death in the electric chair is forgiven by his victim’s family. Billy Moore is the only unconditional free man in America who was convicted of murder and admitted to the crime. His incredible true story is the ultimate story of forgiveness.
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Drama - Inspired by a true story
Story and Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration # 1676034

A young man who never committed an error makes it all the way to the big leagues only to realize that his only trip to the plate would forever set the stage for the rest of his incredible life and give a whole new meaning to being #1.
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Drama / Spiritual
Story and Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi
Copyright, Steven Scaffidi & Ghost Rider Pictures, All Rights Reserved

A local TV news reporter, with dreams of becoming a nationally respected journalist, is trapped in a job where his only assignments are covering murders and tragic accidents.  When his own son becomes one of his stories, he decides to end his life until the assignment of a lifetime comes out of nowhere to change everything.
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Drama / Romance - Inspired by a True Story
Story by Steven Scaffidi 
Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi and Richard Remppel
WGA Registration # 897351

Inspired by a true story, “Jimbo” is the tale of a young man whose dreams are all about to come true but through a twist of fate, he loses everything and now must somehow manage to find the courage to pick up the pieces and discover his place in the world.
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Story and Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi and Lisa McKenzie
WGA Registration # 1291149     

Two middle-aged college football fanatics leave it all behind to join the band of their favorite team so they will never miss another game. The pursuit of friendships, football and following dreams can be a wild ride for any die-hard fan.
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Drama / Spiritual
Story and Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi and Troy A. Broussard
WGA Registration # 1360943

A drug addict on a downward spiral since the birth of a baby girl and the tragic deaths of his immediate family sees the face of God on a lonely country road and transforms an entire town.
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Drama / Comedy
Story by Carlisle E. Jukes and Steven Scaffidi
Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration # 1347515

Two racists, one black and one white, are forced to put their past behind them to win the heart of a beautiful woman. What seems black and white is anything but in this unpredictable tale that leaves everyone wondering who’s really who.
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The Second Chapter of Execution
By Steven Scaffidi
Copyright, All Rights Reserved

After filming a man’s execution with surveillance cameras and having his footage confiscated by the warden, a filmmaker is driven to the brink of insanity over his compulsion to discover what really happened on that fateful night nearly 20 years ago. This second chapter to the ground-breaking and controversial film “Execution” will finally reveal the truth.
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Drama / Romance - Inspired by a True Story
Story by Mimi Brower​
Screenplay by Rick Guy and Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration: # 1692215

One summer, a young girl from Mississippi met a boy who 
had big dreams.  Their brief romance would forever change their lives.
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MIDWAYERS (The Mystery of 11:11)
Thriller - Inspired by real events
Story and Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration # 1486628

When a man takes his family deep into the middle of an eerie southern swamp to meet an old fisherman, he’s convinced that he will discover the real meaning of his life until he comes face to face with his own obsessions that nearly kill him.
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Comedy/Sports – based on the book by Steven Scaffidi & Nick Gambino
Story, Screenplay and Stageplay by Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration # 14108961

Bubby and Matty walk into a bar on the day of the Super Bowl and claim that St. Peter sent them back home to win the big game. Some said that hell would have to freeze over for the Saints to go all the way...and well, maybe it did just that.
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