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Forgotten on the Bayou 
The Director's Cut
$5.00 per person (Password provided after you purchase your tickets)
"It's a great movie. It is truly a story of discipleship!"
- Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
  Archbishop of New Orleans
Rockey Vaccarella made local news when he survived Hurricane Katrina by holding on to a rope on his roof. If that wasn't amazing enough, he then made world news when he towed his FEMA trailer to Washington DC to try and get a meeting with the President of the United States...AND HE DID IT!

Humanitarian Vision Award Winner
- Newport Beach Film Festival

- Moondance Film Festival Hollywood

- First Glance Philadelphia Film Festival

- Rome International Film Festival

- Ozone Film Festival

- Palm Beach Film Festival
Premiered on the Weather Channel
on the 5th Anniversary of
Hurricane Katrina
Official Movie Trailer