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The Director's Cut
$5.00 per person (Password provided after you purchase your tickets)
This is a unique story as told through the eyes of a curious filmmaker and his son about a pilgrimage of 47 youths on a 10 day journey to the other side of the world to discover one of the most mysterious places on earth.  Along their journey both are faced with situations that challenge their faith and their fundamental beliefs.  Others on the trip have questions of their own, most notably, whether visionaries are actually receiving messages from the Virgin Mary.  In spite of their doubts and many conflicts, this father and son seek to find common ground while attempting to discover the truth about this sacred land and the devout believers in their group.  What lies ahead is not what you would expect.  
"It's a great movie. It is truly a story of discipleship!"
- Most Reverend Gregory M. Aymond
  Archbishop of New Orleans