Comedy/Sports – based on the book by Steven Scaffidi & Nick Gambino
Story, Screenplay and Stageplay by Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration #14108961


Bubby and Matty are twin brothers who are ultimate die-hard football fans for their team in New Orleans commonly known throughout the league as the most unfortunate team in the history of the sport. The two brothers have stood by their team through thick and thin for 44 long years and have never stopped believing that New Orleans would one day play for the world championship.

On the morning of the biggest game in the history of the franchise, Bubby and Matty, decked out in their best black and gold football attire, show up at McNutts, a local mid-city bar where it’s been said that the greatest football fans in the world hang out. 

With seven hours to go until kickoff, the boys surprise Roxy, the beautiful but hard-nosed owner of the bar and grab the two best seats in the house right in front of the big-screen TV. 

Roxy is suspicious of the two mysterious fans from the beginning when the brothers start to spin a wild tale about how they have played a key role in team history since day one and in fact are responsible for helping the team get to the big game. 

As the bar begins to fill with all of the usual regulars, Bubby and Matty continue to tell their unbelievable story despite the fact that everyone is laughing at them and wondering why these two strangers are even there and not at another hangout of their own or at the game in Miami.

As kickoff time nears, Bubby and Matty’s crazy story surprisingly stands up to all of the naysayers even the ones who think that they can poke holes in the story and embarrass the perceived liars. 

But there’s something very different about these two guys who appeared out of nowhere and captured the attention of true die-hard fans who have never had much of a reason to believe in their team until now.  

Some people believed that hell would freeze over before New Orleans would get to the big game…and well, maybe it did just that.

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