Story and Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi
Screenplay WGA West Registration #1212877


Richard Parker is just a regular guy living in a small suburban town with his wife and three kids.  Like many hard-working fathers he is content with his simple job and is happy living the life of the “Average Joe”.  

Spending time with his family, especially his eight year old daughter Molly, is more important to Richard than making a lot of money climbing the corporate ladder. Despite Richard’s good intentions, his wife and others consider him a loser.

Richard’s life slowly begins spinning out of control as he tries to survive the day-to-day struggles of his mundane life as the manager of “Crowley’s Grocery Store” and the pressures from others to do more.  

After losing his job in a nasty corporate takeover to slimy Mr. Finley and his “Food Circus” empire, things get worse when he learns that his wife, Kate, is having an affair with local scumbag attorney Chase Martin who just happens to be in business with Finley.  

One night Richard decides to drown his sorrows and goes out on the town with his best friend Dan.  When Dan goes face down in a bowl of pretzels, Richard gets his second wind and ends up at a local strip club where he meets “bad boy” Nicky who commands the attention of all the ladies.  Richard is so impressed with Nicky’s power that he ends up getting a tattoo, which he flaunts in Kate’s face the next day. 

Richard’s new found freedom gives him relief over his pitiful existence and the past, which has haunted him for years.  Pushed by Nicky’s perverted desires and the ghost of his over-bearing father, Richard is convinced that he must even the score with Finley and his sleazy attorney.  

When Richard’s demons finally catch up with him, he finds himself playing a sadistic game of Russian Roulette to prove his manhood and to regain all that he has lost.  By the time Richard realizes that he has crossed the line and jeopardized the life of his beloved Ana, who he’s secretly had a crush on since high school, it may be too late to not only save her but to save himself.  

It’s not until Richard hits rock bottom that he realizes how hard it is for a regular guy to exist in a world where people can easily fall to the temptation of their own ambitions that can often blur the line between good and evil. 

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