Drama/True Story
Story by William Neal Moore
Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi and Richard Remppel
Writers Guild of America Registration: #1262653


William Neal “Billy” Moore is a man with an incredible story.  On the night of April 3, 1974 Billy Moore, a financially struggling young Army Private with a baby son, broke into the home of 70 year old George Talbot, who he thought was not home and who was known to have thousands of dollars stashed away in his bedroom.  

To Billy’s surprise, Mr. Talbot was home and fired his shotgun at the intruder in the dark of night.  When Mr. Talbot missed, Billy blindly returned fire and killed the old man. 

Billy Moore did not hide, and was arrested shortly thereafter and confessed to his crime.  He was swiftly convicted of murder and was sentenced to die in Georgia’s electric chair.  Overcome with remorse and grief for his crime, Billy began writing letters to members of his victim’s family, apologizing for his crime.  

Over the next sixteen years, Billy would continue writing the family and over time formed a special bond with Mr. Talbot’s niece Mary, who would reply to every one of his letters.  Eventually, Mary and other members of her family were so moved by Billy’s sincere sorrow, that they had compassion on him and forgave him for his heinous act.  

Being extremely grateful for their forgiveness, Billy not only turned his own life around, but he became determined to help transform the lives of everyone he touched with his salvaged soul.

After sixteen and a half years on death-row and coming just seven hours from his own death by electrocution in the electric chair, Billy Moore received a gift that no one could have ever imagined.  At the impassioned pleas of his victim’s family and the unexpected intervention of Mother Theresa, William Neal “Billy” Moore’s death sentence was commuted to life by the Georgia Board of Pardons and eventually he was set free.  

Today, Billy Moore is the only man in the history of the American Criminal Justice System to have confessed and been convicted of murder and is now an unconditional free man.  

This powerful, true story, is a breathtaking saga of one man’s journey deep behind the veil of execution protocol. It is a dramatic and compelling human account of how the same man embodied the worst and best mankind has to offer.  It is a testament to the redemptive power of God touching the human soul as the grace of forgiveness is granted to one man, giving him his life back again so that he can help others to experience the same forgiveness.  

The story of Billy Moore is proof that each one of us, regardless of our imperfections and our past mistakes, is capable of being redeemed.

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