Inspired by a True Story
Story by Mimi Brower, 
Screenplay by Rick Guy and Steven Scaffidi
WGA Registration # 1692215


Mimi Brower, a beautiful young 13 year old girl, travels to Memphis to stay with relatives; Aunt Ruth Logan, Uncle Bob Logan and Cousin Rick Logan. She had plans of her own, but reluctantly bowed to the wishes of her parents to spend the summer away from home.  

All that changed the next day when she met their neighbor; a young boy with a guitar and big dreams…his name was Elvis. A singer herself, Mimi is instantly smitten. The feeling was mutual.

Elvis and Mimi spend time together, swimming, bowling, and going to the skating rink where “E” is taunted by older boys. The young bluesman with the seductive voice loves her company, and the two become even more enamored with each other. They are inseparable.  

Elvis often takes Mimi to Beale Street where he mesmerizes passersby with his original sound and never before seen moves.  Late on night on this famous street they meet Blues Boy (BB) King, who tells Elvis that he has to earn his way to the big stage, and that it's not going to be easy.  

Seeing Mimi’s growing infatuation with this irresistible boy who won’t go away, Aunt Ruth warns her of the reputation girls can get. Mimi dismisses her concerns, spending even more time with Elvis who takes her to Overton Park Amphitheater for a one man performance. That evening Mimi gets her first kiss, and is willing to go further, but is stymied when her Aunt unexpectedly shows up to take her home.

While the bullies continue to pick on Elvis, Mimi comes to his rescue and confronts the thugs. This angers Elvis, who despises being called as a mama’s boy, and he begins flirting with another girl. Feeling betrayed, Mimi disappears, leaving Elvis to wonder what happened.  

Eventually, he finds her at their secret spot and they talk, sing together, and he tells her he will always treasure their friendship.  The next day, Mimi has to leave and gets one final moment to say goodbye to Elvis.  It is here where Elvis confesses to Mimi that he has doubts about "making it", and she reassures him that he will do it.  As the two young teens kiss for the last time, both know in their hearts that they will always remember this unforgettable summer that has forever changed both of their lives. 

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