In 1995 two filmmakers hid surveillance cameras in the death chamber and recorded a man's execution. The footage was confiscated and hidden from the public for ten years...until now.

Screened at UCLA, Tulane, North Carolina and Oregon Universities and in the UK at Cambridge, Sussex and King's College of London.
Rockey Vaccarella made local news when he survived Hurricane Katrina by holding on to a rope on his roof. If that wasn't amazing enough, he then made world news when he towed his FEMA trailer to Washington DC to try and get a meeting with the President of the United States...AND HE DID IT!

Humanitarian Vision Award Winner
- Newport Beach Film Festival
The Treasure Hunt for Love
Everyone loves a good old fashioned treasure hunt, but imagine one where two people are on a search to find the guy or girl of their dreams. To make things interesting, these two people have similar taste in the opposite sex and compete in a fast paced game to solve clues and complete outrageous challenges in a winner take all competition. No one said that finding true romance would ever be easy!

The world of music creates acts as different as John Lee Hooker and The Back Street Boys or Rickie Lee Jones and Britney Spears. This show is about the next generation of “true grit” musicians, those teens that keep playing regardless of whether or not the cameras are rolling.
"Faces, Places and Music of America" salutes the backbone of American greatness - it's people.  Take an unforgettable journey, state-by-state across this great nation of ours. Travel the back roads of America and experience the music, the people and the culture that make this the greatest country on earth.
Mom and Dad actually have their hands in picking their teenager's first date. Produced with New Line Television, this first of it's kind dating program cleared over 85% of the United States in syndication.
Produced with New Line Television
This is not your typical game of Volleyball, it’s Volleyball with a serious attitude.  Extreme Volleyball takes the sport to the limit with serious athletes and party animals who play the game above the net at a furious pace where only the strongest survive.
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From the calamity of Hurricane Mitch comes a story of hope, courage and the power of the human spirit. Hear and see the heartbreaking yet uplifting stories from the people who survived one of the worst natural disasters in modern history.

Winner - New York, Houston and Telluride Independent Film Festivals
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Two guys walk into a bar the day of the Super Bowl and claim that they got New Orleans to the big game.  In fact they claim that they have been part of Saints' history since day one.


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Three Chefs One Mission
Greg Reggio, Gary Darling, and Hans Limburg are three energenic, creative, and celebrated chefs who are loving known as The Taste Buds. Being from New Orleans, they know a thing or two about getting hit by a disaster that can knock anyone out and they are grateful for all of the help the locals received from people around the country. Now, The Buds are hitting the road to give something back by feeding people and lifing spirits!
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A filmmaker and his son journey to the other side of the world in search of understanding one of the most mysterious places on earth.

This is a unique story as told through the eyes of a curious filmmaker and his son about a pilgrimage of 47 youths on a 10-day journey to the other side of the world.  Along their journey both are faced with situations that challenge their faith and their fundamental beliefs.  What lies ahead is not what you would expect.

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HIT ME AMERICA takes gifted songwriters who have a passion for music and a drive for writing great songs and puts them face-to-face with a live audience in a jam session unlike any other. This "Jam Session" has only one mission...


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