By Steven Scaffidi and Troy A. Broussard
Writers Guild of America Registration: #1360943


Ray Walker is on a Thursday night mission to buy drugs, when he makes a pit stop and sees what appears to him to be the face of God in a tangle of vines along side of lonely Pierce Road.  

In an alcohol induced confession later that night, Ray discloses what he saw to his friend, Tommy.  The result is a Friday night excursion to the same spot with several skeptical co-workers that ends with some of those men seeing the image for themselves.  Apparently, only the hunting lights from Ray’s truck can make God’s face appear. 

By Saturday morning, word of the events at Pierce Road has spread and is beginning to affect different people in the community.  A former Catholic is assigned to cover the story for the biased local paper. Politicians scheme to use the Pierce Road happening to gain political advantage in an upcoming election.  Landowners fight over the right to own, show, and profit from the image.  And Ray’s former girlfriend, Gabrielle, wonders to herself if God really has to come to True Cross, and, if so, can He work a miracle to save Ray’s life. 

Hundreds are expected to converge on Pierce Road by Saturday night.  Ray wants nothing to do with the events that are unfolding, yet he finds himself disconnected from his current life as his lack of privacy results in drug withdrawals.  
After Ray is arrested and placed in city jail for an outstanding traffic ticket, he has the opportunity to meet a man bound for Angola prison and see what his own life may look like in years to come. Meanwhile, the mayor makes sure that Ray is released from jail so that he can help to satisfy an expectant crowd that has gathered to see God’s face on Pierce Road. 

Ray is nearly intercepted and whisked away for a drug binge by Tommy after being released from jail, but Gabrielle literally fights to be by Ray’s side.  After cleaning Ray up, by cutting his hair and shaving his face, Gabrielle gives Ray the choice of leaving her life forever.  

Ray leaves but is met outside of Gabrielle’s salon by people from his past who love him.  Together, they convince Ray to go back out to Pierce Road.  Ray shows up while in the throes of withdrawal symptoms and shines his hunting lights into the trees, and reveals the image for others to see.  

While many of the people there on Pierce Road, and others viewing the news broadcast on television, watch the breath-taking events unfold before their eyes, some still don’t see anything.   As Ray sees the image again for himself, he begs God to help him, and with Gabrielle's help, he is taken to a drug rehabilitation facility.  At that same time, we see that a drug deal Ray was supposed to be part of is raided by federal agents. 

After the crowds have gone from Pierce Road later that night, Tommy shows up and firebombs the trees, destroying any chance of the event ever being repeated.  The act of fighting the fire together helps make peace between the landowners.  

In the end, Gabrielle professes her love for Ray as he gives himself over to rehab. The reporter covering the story has a new perspective on faith and her belief in God.  Those who wanted to exploit the event for political gain are thwarted.  And, the audience is left to answer for themselves what the true definition of a miracle is.    

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