Story by Carlisle E. Jukes and Steven Scaffidi
Screenplay by Steven Scaffidi
Screenplay WGA West Registration # 1347515


Cajun born Dooley Hicks, had a prosperous career as an insurance salesman in south Louisiana.  His only problem was that the majority of his customers were Black and Hispanic minorities that he claimed were taking over his beloved city of New Orleans.  

Having reached the end of his rope and no longer willing to deal with these people, Dooley decides to move to Seattle, Washington which his friends affectionately called “Whitesville USA”.

Upon arrival in Seattle, Dooley quickly realizes that the insurance policies, which sold like hotcakes in the south, did not go over so well with his new northern customers.  

Desperate for cash and frustrated with his lack of success, Dooley quits his job and seeks new employment opportunities.  Unfortunately, Dooley’s southern charm gets him nowhere until he reluctantly applies for an opening at the African American owned Rex Insurance agency.  

Despite his hesitation to go to work for a black man, Dooley puts his prejudices aside and takes the job when he’s tempted with big commissions and the beautiful Robin who just so happens to be Rex’s sister.

Everything seems to be going well for the now more cultured Dooley until one day he discovers that Rex is selling bogus policies and is under investigation for fraud.  When Dooley is threatened with jail time for potentially being an accomplice, he agrees to help dig up information on Rex’s new business venture which delivers a cut of the donations from a failing Baptist Church.

Dooley’s attraction for Robin continues to grow but she eventually falls for the flamboyant, Reverend Apollo Jones, who has won the audition to become the new front-man for Rex’s church despite the fact that he can’t remember any Bible verses.  

Robin and Apollo’s affection for each other begins to blossom as the law slowly closes in on Rex who lives up to his promise to pack the house for Sunday’s services.  

With the choir rocking and the pews filled to capacity with jubilant worshipers, the donations roll in like never before making Rex a very happy man until an unforeseen event turns everything upside down.  

What seems black and white is anything but as everyone discovers there are no secrets that the Good Word and a good Preacher can’t uncover.

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